Can Acupuncture Successfully Cure Chronic Sinusitis?

Can Acupuncture Successfully Cure Chronic Sinusitis?
Within a year, more than 37 million Americans are affected by chronic sinus problems. This illness is the prolonged swelling or infection (long-lasting roughly 3 months) of the sinuses. Sinuses are cavities within the bone structures. 4 pairs of sinuses connect to the nasal cavity. When working correctly, it accommodates airflow and the drainage of mucus into the nose. It is considered one of the most typical chronic diseases affecting individuals within the United States. No physician likes to declare to treat diseases, however, Acupuncture can effectively alleviate symptoms.

Symptoms related to persistent sinusitis are typically not acute in nature, however, drag on for an extended duration and this can result in the reduced function of your immune system, fatigue, and if left unattended, can trigger facial pain, sinus blockage, and severe infection (needing antibiotics for treatment).

Treatment plans for persistent sinusitis often include a combination of nutritional guidance, sinus rinses, and steam. Acupuncture coupled with this treatment regimen can provide instant remedy for several signs related to persistent sinusitis in addition to the possible underlying cause of the illness.

Typical causes of sinus problems include hay fever, allergic reactions, bacterial infections (as an outcome of a cold or influenza), and general environmental conditions (e.g. inhalation of harsh chemical fumes). Sinus problems, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, is treated based on the signs presented. The majority of treatment options concentrate on acupuncture points along the lungs and spleen. Avoiding the production of phlegm is key when infected with sinusitis as this can aggravate the sinuses further, causing increased discomfort. Using acupuncture which targets specifically the lungs, spleen and pressure points along the face, arms, and lower legs could potentially reduce signs of persistent sinusitis. With acupuncture treatment, it is possible to clear the patient's sinuses, improve their general sense of smell, ease the overloaded feeling in the patient's head, battle fatigue, decrease swelling of the throat, and eliminate the pain.

Acupuncture can be helpful in fighting signs in the earlier phases of sinus problems. Acupuncture keeps the body healthy. It increases blood flow and potentially stimulates the production of leukocytes (white blood cells), which strengthen the body's body immune system. It is simpler to prevent your body from getting ill when it is completely healthy and therefore much easier to treat present infections of the persistent sinusitis that the patient might be experiencing. Sinuses can become contaminated if the paths are unclear effectively of mucous. It is possible to clear sinus pathways using acupuncture and to avoid further agonizing infections and other symptoms linked to it.

Even in the later phases of sinusitis, it is still possible to reinforce the immune system with acupuncture. In persistent sinusitis, this is of particular significance, as prolonged signs frequently trigger patients to feel fatigue that will likewise cause a decline in their immune system. This, in turn, creates an environment where it will take even longer for the sinusitis to heal. Acupuncture targeting the arms and legs can stimulate the adrenal glands whose function is to control blood pressure, react to stress factors such as illness, and control sugar blood and pressure. This will have positive results on the body's body immune system, as does the increased production of leukocytes.

To fight the symptoms and underlying cause of chronic sinus problems, clients are encouraged to take a minimum of 8 acupuncture sessions. It is during this duration that the body has an opportunity to develop its immune system and in combination with other treatment, fix the existing sinus infection which the client is experiencing.


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