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How Herbs Help in Acupuncture

Western Medicine is a terrific tool that can suppress imbalances of the body. However, it does not attend to the origin to assist accomplish real recovery as traditional Chinese medication through Chinese herbs and acupuncture. Herbs can treat some clinical conditions such as headaches, allergies, colds and flu, digestive disorders, dermatological conditions, traumatology, as well as more persistent diseases like Parkinson's, hepatitis, cancer, HIV, and AIDS. Convention western medication uses drugs to deal with pain and illness, while Chinese medicine uses organic solutions to address health conditions. Chinese herbs have no recognized side-effects compared with prescription drugs. What makes these herbs really effective and safe is the art of integrating them to form a carefully well-balanced formula. These solutions not only deal with the patient's main issue but also address associated problems. Chinese herbal formulas are based upon classical prescriptions that hav